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Hi! I'm ZeWei.

I'm a designer and artist with a passion for creating positive and unique experiences in the realm of video games and beyond.



Game of the Year - Finalist

The Rookies 2021


*This project will be releasing on Steam in the coming months.

Project PULSE takes the innate rhythm elements of combat in games and pulls them into a thematic world. Play with your friends and choose characters that represent Melody, Bass, Harmony, and Percussion, fight your way through your city and complete missions to build different musical weapons!

Project PULSE Trailer (no intro)

Project PULSE Trailer (no intro)

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Responsible for:

  • Leading a team of artists, programmers, and fellow designers 

  • Organizing sprints and communicating with team members to find creative solutions

  • Designing and testing rhythm mechanics for engaging combat

  • Creating music and sound effects for each instrument, along with programming sound feedback for hitting and missing beats

  • Programming UI screens 

  • Publishing on Steam


Project EIGHT is an RPG/Rhythm hybrid game currently being developed in Unreal 4. With an emphasis on interacting with characters and forming relationships through dance, it plans to provide a fresh new take on the integration of rhythm gameplay into other genres.